consume every last bit devour the flesh warming bones engulf each hum, sputter, and breath emerge into my frail body, till we become inseparable when our hands touch; static hits the air erase those nights, every last one remove every feeling towards me, till your numb restrain the urge to leave my flesh red consume … More consume


  I woke up. A light glowed outside my window. From behind cold sweats ran down my spin. I was lost in a nightmare, running from something. Something dangerous, i was desperately afraid of. My phone read 1 Message. From….. “him” I started to panic. Why was he messaging me. he’s the one i’ve been … More 6ft.


He took every last bit of me my future lovers late night pleasures loose lips tattooed against mine vanished when he touched my skin He ripped the horizon from my eyes pulling the sheets out from under my bones He stole it all not my virginity for that was taken by another long ago now … More Bitterness


  She held a rose in her hand thorns jabbing flesh rosso vines oozed loosely as smooth as ruby rosso velvet the rose was burnt on the tips charcoaling just the way her lungs were white skin under midnight stars cigarette smoke cluttering the air thick as the tension between humanity and hostility Rosso eyes … More Rosso

mint green bra

  i’m wearing a lacy mint green bra that emcompases my chest it’s a metaphor to the way they make me feel suffocated under their warm sticky breath blowing down my bony spine soft cotton sheets twist between our legs like streams of water or poisonous branches growing from our knees i stand on the … More mint green bra


He laughed while sitting on his throne But he was all alone Crooked hearts stand by his side The ones he likes to please at night But I lay frozen at his feet Invisible tears roll off his face Splashing on me like an ocean Those girls lost in his eyes Haven’t seen the scars … More king


  the snake curled its nasty body under the sheets slithering between her legs eyes steel blue cunning as hell   The snake returned to claim its feast biting down tight to poison her venom foaming from its mouth   He slithers in only to feed his hunger then coils away to watch her skin … More snake

twenty yrs

twenty years she still calls me “daughter” but i hardly know the bitter sound of her voice i imaged it would be sweet as honey but it stung twenty years exploring for faces similar to mine hazel eyes & freckly skin maybe we’d meet or possible already have twenty years without them those three humans … More twenty yrs


It was so kind of you to just leave. You just walked out the door, and next thing I knew your location was, Airport.  I tried to whisper goodbye but your ears put me on mute. Calling you to receive a “this mail box is full”. Guess I wasn’t the only one. we were so … More thx


One thing I’ve learned from being with a toxic person, is to know when enough is enough. I use to hear about people in relationships with abusive, toxic, anger driven people. And i’d sit back and wonder why didn’t they just leave?. It wasn’t till i was in the same situation that I got a … More Toxic